Why Choose P. P. C. S. ?

When you are looking for a company to provide a service for you, you are not truly searching for the services but the “Service” in which they are provided. There are several janitorial and maid services to choose from but how many are there that can meet or exceed your standards and specific needs? The answer is: one. US!

 We find one of the most important aspects of this industry is providing outstanding services consistently and in a timely fashion. We don’t let our work load affect our production. Your accounts are just as important regardless of how many clients we provide for.

Our services and products are safe and precise. We boast a claims free record at all three points: clients, customer satisfaction, and accuracy. All of our clients must sign a regulation compliance agreement prior to the date of services. In summary, we are able to provide a consistent and “by-the-book” service to accomplish your task just as good as or better than many of our competitors.